Advanced Metrology & Inspection:

In the world of manufacturing time reigns as supreme. At PV our metrology lab is designed to enhance measurement accuracy, reduce measurement uncertainty, and deliver your fully inspected product on time and on budget.  We’re set-up to handle in-process checks as well as final inspection for any type of requirement. We understand that the reliability of our process rests upon the accuracy of the equipment and knowledge of our technicians. Quality, detail, and professionalism is the vaccine that ensures our success.

Notable Equipment:

◎ Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage 5 x 5 CMM with PCDMIS 2021 R1 Software
◎ Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage 5 x 5 CMM with PCDMIS  2021 R1 Software
◎ Mitutoyo B-231 CMM
◎ Deltronic MPC-4 Comparator
◎ Trimos THV – Measuring Range 0 – 50 mm, .00001 Repeatability

Quality Processes 

◎ Control Plans
◎ Flow Charts
◎ First Article Inspections, per AS9102B
◎ Final inspection, per ANSI Z1.4
◎ Climate Controlled QC Lab
◎ Certifications – ISO9001:2015/ AS9100D
◎ ITAR Compliant
◎ NIST 800-171 Compliance