Following the commercial success of its agricultural spray aircraft, which led to a $37 million Series A raise in April 2022, Pyka has secured pre-commitments of over 80 orders and options for its Pelican Cargo from three launch customers across North America and Europe. The aircraft is currently undergoing rigorous testing at Pyka’s flight test facility in Northern California. The first commercial operation of the new product is expected for the second half of 2023.

The latest addition to its fleet of purpose-built industrial aircraft; is the Pelican Cargo. Featuring extended payload and range capabilities, it says that Pelican Cargo will be the world’s largest zero-emission cargo aeroplane and the first autonomous vehicle of its class. With a range of up to 200 miles, a payload of up to 400 pounds in 66 cubic feet of cargo volume and a nose-loading configuration with a sliding cargo tray, the Pelican Cargo platform is designed to enhance express logistics networks, enable connectivity of remote rural communities and ensure fast and reliable access to vital goods and supplies for areas in need.

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